The perks of being a female motorcyclist

Lately I've been having some problems with assessing wordpress from my laptop so I couldn't take adventage of my break and write more than usual. My brеak is also not really a brеak because I spend my time studying during the day. Nevertheless I decided to post something I wrote a while ago. This post... Continue Reading →

My Top 10 travel destinations

Let’s be serious here. We all know that everyone has way more than 10 desired destinations. I personally have more than a 100 and as a person whose goal in life is to see every single place that would make my heart excited I decided that it is worth it to make a list. Most... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about self-care

 It's not natural for me to write something of this sort but it took me a while to feel comfortable writing, especially about more serious matters than my usual traveling blogs. There are a lot of people writing about this topic and making videos talking for their own experience and I was always interested in... Continue Reading →

My Easter Vacation: Venice

You are probably thinking: “Easter vacation? That was more than two months ago!”, well, you know what else started two months ago? My exam session, so even though late I will still post about MY EASTER vacation, okay?! Let me start with writing that this will be only a post with photos, not a travel... Continue Reading →

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