A windy day in Monza – Travel Diary

A rather spontaneous one day trip formed earlier this week. The day of my last exam (YES FINALLY!!!) my friend hurried up to propose to me a well deserved day off in close to Milan destinations. I said ‘yes’ and on Thursday we packed a few snacks and got on one of the earlier trains... Continue Reading →

My Easter Vacation: Venice

You are probably thinking: “Easter vacation? That was more than two months ago!”, well, you know what else started two months ago? My exam session, so even though late I will still post about MY EASTER vacation, okay?! Let me start with writing that this will be only a post with photos, not a travel... Continue Reading →

Milanese Christmas

   This is my first year being somewhere outside my home country in December so that means it is also my first year of experiencing the Christmas mood in another place. I am lucky enough to witness the beautiful spirit of the Milanese people and the mesmerizing decorations of the city during this magical month.... Continue Reading →

Milan in pictures

I've been living in Milan for two weeks now and I can briefly say I still don't know anything about this big city. I am sure that if it weren't for the metro I would be lost at least five times a day.  This post will be about some of the central places in Milan... Continue Reading →

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