International student’s last year of university

The plane ride when summer is over, when you part with your sobbing family on the airport, trying hard to hold your tears because you don't want the other passengers to see you cry - happened again, as my new university year started. I already feel like it will be like none before. In reality,... Continue Reading →

Goals and Happiness

EXAMS ARE OVER! I managed to finish the second year of my university life with considerably pleasing academic results.  I am quite proud of myself to the extent where my self-doubt doesn't reach. It was hard, I can even say the hardest year of student life I have ever experienced (or was it in 10th... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about self-care

 It's not natural for me to write something of this sort but it took me a while to feel comfortable writing, especially about more serious matters than my usual traveling blogs. There are a lot of people writing about this topic and making videos talking for their own experience and I was always interested in... Continue Reading →

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