International student’s last year of university

The plane ride when summer is over, when you part with your sobbing family on the airport, trying hard to hold your tears because you don’t want the other passengers to see you cry – happened again, as my new university year started. I already feel like it will be like none before. In reality, nothing is really that special about this year, but it is definitely a chapter of my life that will end up being crucial for the next one.I’ve made such valuable friends here that I may part with after the year is finished, and many valuable memories in this amazing city, but I still think there is also much to do while I’m here, things that I would regret not doing if I leave without doing them. Small things, like visiting that small cute pricy restaurant that I have saved in Google Maps from more than a year, exploring coffee shops while spending more time with my friends, going to more events and exploring this beautiful city with milions of surpices behind every corner. The list is long but unfortunately, also are my responsibilities this year. More subjects – harder subjects – that I need to start studying for from now, and many other out of class activities that I need to take seriously. I need to set my mind on the desired university where I want to apply for my masters, but I haven’t even chosen a country to start with… There are a lot of hard decisions that I need to take and many are in the same position.The third year of Bachelor is very hard for international students. Many have to decide if they want to go back to their country, stay in the country they are currently in, choose another, explore life, go to work and travel, do volunteering abroad, so many options that seem so easy to choose from when you are not the one choosing. And the worst thing is that we have to make those decisions alone. Yes, of course, parents or friends can always help, but at the end of the day it is your future so, you have to put yourself first.
P.s Good luck to all of you in your studies this year! Let me know what are your plans for this school year in the comments 🙂

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