Barcelona Diary

Two weeks ago my so-badly-expected trip to Barcelona ended and I came back to my hometown. And I must say that the experience was one of a kind and is by far my favorite destination i’ve been to. Barcelona is one of a kind in not only architecture, but also by spirit. When I was there, the sole negative thought that ran through my mind was the one of leaving.
On the first ”day” my boyfriend and I arrived at 00:00 o’clock at the El Prat Airport terminal 2. At that time the metro doesn’t work in Barcelona on weekdays, so we had to take the shuttle bus which was really fast and cheap enough (around 6 euros) as the difference with the price of the metro ticket from the airport was only 1 euro. It stopped at plaza de Catalunya from where we took a bus to our Airbnb close to Sagrada Familia. Obviously, taking into consideraion the time of out arrival, we went straight to bed.

Day 1

Next morning we woke up fairly early, around 9:30, and headed out to explore Barcelona. Our neighbourhood was 10 minutes walking from La Sagrada Familia so we enjoyed the walk and had a croissant and coffee in one of the nearby cafes. This day we saw the beautiful Sagrada, Passeig de Gràcia , Casa Mila’, Casa Comalat, Casa Batillo, Plaça de Catalunya in daylight and finally the most breataking view of the city – La gran Vista which we took a bus to. We finished the day with traditional Mexican tacos with spicy sauces, which Stef didn’t really react well to, but I enojoyed a lot because it was my first time trying actual tacos!




Day 2

On the second day we decided to try the local supermarket for our breakfast meal and got a baguette, some ham and cheese, with which we made sandwiches. It was a great idea for a budjet breakfast but we decided that having a breakfast in a bakery for the next days is a better idea. This day we visited the beautiful Arc de Triomf which I appreciate very much because of the fact that, even though it is one out of the many arcs in Europe, it is obviously complied with the original architecture of the city and has its own original spirit. Next we went to look around the infamous Gothic Quarter for which the only thing I can tell is – just get lost! Honestly, there is no such place anywhere else, I fell in love with the little antique shops, cafes and restaurants. You can find so many unique goods there, old or new, and it is also a great area for a shopping spree! We passed by the ”Parc de la Ciutadella where we found the most amazing fountain I have ever seen, which weirdly I didn’t know about. We finished the day with a long walk along the Barceloneta and a nice dinner with a seafood paella~






Day 3

We finally decided to try the beach and went to sunbath till 4 pm. I must say that Barceloneta is really nice for walks, but now is full with sketchy people trying to rob the tourists and the water is not very clean. I would reccommend, when choosing a beach, to go for something outside Barcelona.
For dinner we chose an amazing little restaurant that we found on tripadvisor called “Colom” , which was located in the Gothic quarter; after we went to Bar Eclipse which is a bar on the top of the famous W hotel, close to Barceloneta. You would probably recognise this iconic hotel from many touristic photos you saw on instagram. Just f you plan on going there you have to make a reservation on their site so they can put you on their guestlist.

Day 4

It isn’t my vacation if there is no museum day! As it was a bit gloomy that day it was the perfect timing to visit the two main art attractions in Barcelona – Montjuic and Park Guell (buy a ticket for this one before going). Even if you are not a museum fan these two are a must! Montjuic is a beautiful palace located on Plaza de Espana – my favorite spot in Barcelona – and contains the National museum of Catalonian Art which is definitely worth seeing.




Day 5

We treated ourselves with some shopping, when we started with Plaza Catalunya, La Rambla and ended up in the Gothic Quarter again. For lunch we ate some korean street snacks at La Boqueria (big food and goods market) and finished the day a night view of the Sagrada Familia and beer.


Day 6

This was our last day and we had to pack our luggage before having one last walk in Barcelona’s city center. Our host was nice enough to let us leave our bags in the Airbnb for the day. We went back to Placa Espanya to make some more picture on a better light and then took a walk towards the docks.


It was an amazing experience and most definitely my favorite vacation. I would go back for a third time for sure! This city took a piece of my heart and I will never forget my dreamy adventure there. For now I will just look at my photos with nostalgia and plan my next trip!

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    1. It was my second time there, the first time I didn’t really appreciate enough so I knew that it would be worth it to goagain. It definitely was! I saw so many new things that I didn’t know before about. I wish for you to have the opportunity to go back very soon! 🙂


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