Goals and Happiness

EXAMS ARE OVER! I managed to finish the second year of my university life with considerably pleasing academic results.  I am quite proud of myself to the extent where my self-doubt doesn’t reach. It was hard, I can even say the hardest year of student life I have ever experienced (or was it in 10th grade when I was trying to pass maths in school?) but the important thing is that it’s over. Next stop is Barcelona in just…12 days?? After that, I will finally go home and see my family and friends which I miss dearly.

The most important thing is that I feel fulfilled, I did what I wanted to do, I made plans and I managed to do them. Making plans and goals for your life is what makes life liveable in my opinion. As Aristotle explained in his Eudaimonia theory – happiness comes after every little achievement that we do to flourish ourselves and in that way, mankind itself flourishes. In other words, pushing forward and doing the most to better yourself. Even though it is important to know Eudaimonia never comes with only success, it is the process of trying that makes you better, makes you learn more and success will come eventually. After all, if someone did it, why won’t you be able to? Of course, you can. 

Set goals, dream, no matter how big, fight for what you want and what you deserve, fight against all those stopping you to achieve your goals. We live in a world where nothing is fair and if you haven’t noticed that till now you are lucky. Even if something is stopping you, doesn’t mean you should give up.

I am well aware that exams aren’t the hardest thing in my life and with each year things will get harder and harder, but that’s what makes life interesting, right? So, I am packing my bags for a one week vacation and after that, another goal will be set, maybe to learn one more level of Italian during the summer? What I know is that there for sure will be something, and I won’t make my life boring by doing nothing. 🙂

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