Things that keep me sane during exam session

I know guys, I feel you. We are all in this together. No matter if you have 5 exams or 10 it could be quite hectic during this period. It’s summer, we feel like we are wasting our youth in the library BUT we all know that it is worth it in the end. Let’s get these grades!

So, if that was not motivating enough (which I know was probably not) I can tell you my little secrets of how to not-totally-ruin my mental health when it’s june-july and I have 9 exams. And man those oral exams sure are equivalent to the stress of at least 4 written ones, but hey all is good.


As you know, motivation is key to actually doing things productively. I had to find some source of motivation. For me is my upcoming vacation in Barcelona (that I will totally write about just because I love this city). I take this as my big reward for being so productive this year. Like spending 9 hours in the library for 2 months deserve some kind of reward, right?? I also did an internship in the Bulgarian Consulate and I managed to take this off the checklist too.
Planning my vacation and putting pictures of Barceloneta on my lock screen helps me motivate myself in 9am when I open my laptop and start studying.



A second thing I do to differentiate my daily library life is to go to the gym every two days. It is really important to work out from time to time as we know how much we have to stand seated during the day because we study/work. Also it really motivates me to work on my summer body!


A third thing, that kind of contradicts with the summer body statement is eat comfort food. Of Course I try to make it as healthy as possible and not eat carbs for dinner, but for me the ultimate comfort food is exactly this.. good thing is that I live in Italy and the lunch meals in the cafeteria always come with a portion of pasta! At night I usually make myself a nutritious salad to compensate. I also love eating the summer fruits that are just coming out (I can literally live on watermelons!!!) they are like healthy candies 🙂


Last week I promised myself to include some social life into my schedule even for 1-2 hours once or twice a week. It’s good to meet some friends to get your head off the study books even just for a few hours. Slow walks in the park or long conversations in a coffee shop always help!


Lastly, studying with friends. Guys I can’t even tell you how much it matters..studying with a friend who has a similar way of studying like yours is so helpful. The reason is simple -> when you say something to someone as in a conversation, or you hear something from someone, you remember it unconsciously! It is way better to talk about a topic with a friend, discuss it, make connections with other things while talking, because that conversation you are having with your friend will stay in your head even if you don’t realise it at first. For the past three weeks me and my friend have been going for a coffee every sunday for 3-4 hours talking about nothing but the material – makes it so much more interesting than just reading information from a dull book.


Well that’s all I have I hope I helped in some way to anyone with my little tips, either way, I wish everyone a successful exam session!

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