The Beautiful Lugano, Switzerland

The beginning of March was quite the chaos for me. My boyfriend graduated, we had anniversary, I went to MUN Rome for a week even, had to still go to university, and I even started studying for the exams in May. And so I had little time in between all those things, even none.

But, as it was very special moment for my boyfriend, I was planning a big surprise as his present for graduating. I decided to take him to Lugano, Switzerland for our 4th year anniversary which was just four days after his graduation. It was just a short trip of course but I think we managed to grasp the spirit of this little charming city.


I would never had imagined how different a city, more or less a 100 km away from Milano can be. Just an hour drive with a car transported me to a completely different country. The people, the nature, the landscapes, the city, the traffic, and mainly the prices, everything was completely different.

The first impression I got from the Swiss people was how they were genuinely super polite. Yes, Italians are definitely more polite than Bulgarians, mainly because the most popular jobs in Italy are in customer service, but Swiss people are on a whole different level. They are polite because they want to be polite, they smile because they want you to see you smile back and we felt very welcomed there. As Lugano is just a few kilometers away from the Italian border, everyone here spoke Italian as their first language so we managed to communicate freely (at least Stef did, I’m still learning).


A major difference was the currency. Yes, when you convert euros to Swiss francs you get almost the same amount of money but the amount you can buy with those is completely different, which caught us a bit off guard , but we managed to figure a way to have a good time anyway (which included getting lost in the forest in 2am at night with only the flashlights of our phones).

Another fail on my part, as I didn’t research enough for this trip was the fact that out AirBnB was located outside Lugano, it was basically in a small town near Lugano where you have to use a bus to go to. But the real problem was that the bus usually came every 30-60 or even 90 minutes so that made things a bit harder for us.

Although I may have had holes in my plan we definitely enjoyed the beautiful Lugano as much as possible. We took long walks and saw every centimeter of the city and most of the time we spent staring into the beautiful lake Lugano with gelato in hands.


Enjoy some photos of our anniversary trip that definitely left amazing memories for us. 🙂

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