Sunny days in Berlin

I am quite the history lover you see, especially when it comes for the World Wars. I’ve beеn such since the 11th grade when I signed for a history profiled class and got this amazing teacher. We had this love-hate relationship for two years, but on my prom when we said goodbye and tears started coming out from my eyes, I realized how much this woman has affected me. She affected even my choice of bachelor’s degree. (I wanted to send her a postcard, but she left the school ☹)
But even today, as a politics student we mention the wars quite a lot so I couldn’t help but be interested in visiting Berlin. Therefore, when my friend, who’s doing Erasmus in Germany, proposed to me to go to Berlin I immediately said yes! She also had invited her other friend so we were the perfect trio. 😊


Our schedules’ free days matched for only two days before I started my new semesters, so it was definitely a brie trip, but I honestly felt I saw everything important. We were also lucky enough to catch the sunniest days since October last year and had an amazing time!

First day didn’t start so well. I got an early morning flight, the day after Valentine’s day, so as you may imagine I hadn’t slept more than 4 hours. When I got off the plan on Schoenfeld airport I was happy to notice that everyone I had to talk to spoke English (unlike in Italy). The train station for the city was five minutes walk away and the direction for it was marked in a way that you couldn’t get lost even if you wanted to. After some panic on my side, coming from the fact that I am so not used to this language and the way to read the name of the stops, I took some time but finally found my train for the place I was supposed to meet my friend in an hour. I arrived unproblematically 30 minutes later and she was still not there. This is when my day was ruined. Basically, her bus stopped in the middle of the highway and she had no idea when she is going to arrive. I waited t h r e e h o u r s. It was already 4pm when we arrived in the Airbnb that we booked.
We got ready and finally after a whole wasted day we went to see this castle called ** while waiting for the other friend, which was supposed to arrive at 7. The castle literally doesn’t have any interesting story behind it. A quick search in google told me that the wife of some German king just wanted a castle, so he built her one and they used it for their summer villa…goals honestly. While the castle’s architecture didn’t really impress much, as it is a late baroque, the gardens behind it did. Long and beautiful gardens, that I am sure are even more beautiful in the spring! As we were walking down the park’s alley, we even came across a swan lake with really hungry swans, as one was ready to bite my hand of.

Finally the third member of the gang arrived and at 9pm we arrived at the very silent at that hour Kurfrstendamm. Which apparently is a very big commercial boulevard, with a lot of shops and restaurants, but at 10pm we just enjoyed the city lights, big city vibes, and happily found an amazing restaurant! As recommended by my father I tried the German schnitzel accompanied with French friend, and honestly that was the best thing that happened this day! Soo good! The restaurant was also a bar with live music, which was not really nice for the people who actually came to eat and talk with friends.

We arrived home late at night, but thankfully the transport in Berlin works till 3am and so did the one-day transportation cards that we purchased. Sadly, our Airbnb was not particularly clean, nor comfortable, but to be fair we didn’t pay much either.

Even though we were extremely tired, as none of us slept the previous night, we made sure to wake up at 9 am because we literally had to see everything in Berlin for one day!
We started with the East Side Gallery, which is a part of the Berlin Wall which was build during the cold war to separate the East and West blocs. On the Eastern part of the wall there were all types of graffiti with hidden and not so hidden political meaning, which was really fascinating to me.
Next stop was one of the city centers – the area of Berliner Dom (Berlin’s Cathedral). Such amazing sceneries accompanied by the amazing sunny weather made us want to grab something to eat take away and sit on the grass in front of the Dom. Certainly, we also made sure to take a lot of photos. Believe me when I say – A L O T. Even though I didn’t have space for my camera in my hand luggage, and had to use my phone’s camera, that didn’t stop me!

We then visited the Holocaust memorial and the Reichstag, and also another one of Napoleon’s famous arcs in Europe, which were all a more or less 20 minutes-walk away from the Dom.

davCopy of IMG_20190216_150122dav
After visiting the Television Tower and the Town hall we went straight to Alexanderplatz, which was 5 minutes away from them, and turned ourselves in to shopping. We had a fast dinner in a close by self-service restaurant and finally went home exhausted.

I was supposed to have an early flight, and to be able to get at the airport on time, I had to use the public transport which worked till 3am, so I left Berlin at 2am and spend 4 hours at the airport. My flight got delayed so it was definitely not the best 6 hours of my trip, but I was cheerfully greeted by my boyfriend at the train station of Milan and I immediately felt better.

Overall, I am satisfied with my experience, but other thing I noticed was that it was really dirty and there were a lot of pick pocketers too. Besides that, Berlin is a beautiful and colorful city with a lot of history which is definitely worth seeing, especially if you go into the museums unlike me because of the lack of time.

I hope you liked reading another one of my travel blogs. I would love to hear some feedback and about your opinions. Any suggestions for next destinations? 😊

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