A windy day in Monza – Travel Diary

A rather spontaneous one day trip formed earlier this week. The day of my last exam (YES FINALLY!!!) my friend hurried up to propose to me a well deserved day off in close to Milan destinations. I said ‘yes’ and on Thursday we packed a few snacks and got on one of the earlier trains to Monza.


Monza is very close to Milan and the tickets are really cheap. We got our train from Garibaldi and arrived fast in 30-40 minutes.

The city center was five minutes from the station and the shopping streets were definitely a bit dark under the gloomy light and the lack of people in the working days. A few wrong turns and cute shops later we found a very charming restaurant with amazing food and prices. We ate a typical Italian pizza, quickly drank a cup of coffee and hurried up to our main destination – Villa Reale.


In Monza I noticed that you don’t really need to use public transport but walk to your destination as everything is close by especially if you are a fan of walking as myself.
Half an hour later we reached the beautiful Villa Reale. As the broke students we are sadly we had to buy the cheapest entrance ticket that only covers the first floor of the building. We were mesmerized from the little details on the walls of the rooms and the beautiful chandeliers. Half an hour and a million photos later our tour was over.


Later we decided that we cannot miss the Duomo of Monza, because in Italy the duomo of every city is usually the most iconic building of the city. Sadly when we arrived the whole building turned out to be under construction.

Cold and tired at around 17 o’clock we took out train back to Milan. The day ended with a lot of chatting and smiles and left lots of photos to upload.

I hope everyone’s January went good! I personally finished my exam session successfully and will enjoy a few free days until the next semester starts. I will be able to enjoy one more trip before that and this time it will be outside Italy – Berlin!

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